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Thank you, Deafinitions, for the incredibly comprehensive presentation on working with the deaf and hard of hearing community. I personally learned so much about how to better welcome and provide access to visitors with deafness, and our guides expressed to me that they found the presentation very valuable. Thanks so much for this learning opportunity.

Thank you so much for all your company’s assistance with the patient. We are truly blessed to be working with a great group that is flexible and accommodating to our patients’ needs!

I had a great experience with Pat and Dianne who interpreted for my international event on Zoom. They were extremely professional and courteous, and they worked well together. I would recommend Deafinitions to anyone looking for an interpreting service! 

Being a Deaf Interpreter with Deafinitions & Interpreting always allows me to showcase and hone my skills in a diverse range of job opportunities. I truly value the connections I make with the staff, other interpreters, and consumers. Thank you!

Deafintions not only provides full equal access to my communication, they also provide advocacy. Thank you, Deafintions, for providing amazing communication access!

Since the onset of COVID, there seems to be an unmitigated need for more Sign Language interpreters. Deafinitions, while keeping pace with advances and needs in the current landscape, continues to advocate for best practices in the field while staying true to an original ideal of a local, family-based agency making a big impact in the lives of those we work with.