Why Deafinitions?

Deafinitions & Interpreting, LLC is committed to providing our interpreters and captioners with full office support; short- and long-term assignments; competitive bi-weekly pay via direct deposit; training opportunities; and periodic company meetings.

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  • Accurate payroll on a bi-weekly basis. Assignments completed between the 1st and 15th are paid by the 20th; assignments completed between the 16th and last day of the month are paid by the 5th of the following month.
  • 1099s prepared and mailed to you.
  • Competitive rates, incentives, and perks.
  • No exclusivity contracts.
  • Flexible work schedules and freedom to accept assignments without pressure.
  • Professional development opportunities and workshops.
  • Periodic meetings to review Best Practices and connect as a team.
  • Professional & friendly office staff open to feedback and suggestions.
  • ID badges and personalized business cards, identifying you as part of our respected and growing team.
  • Detailed information for every assignment, including preparation materials. No guesswork.
  • Repeat customers/clients for comfort, familiarity with signing style, and professional rapport.
  • Wide variety of assignments from individual, teamed, and ASL/CDI to expand your skills.
  • Requests for specific interpreters honored.
  • Client assignments matched to your skill set and ability.
  • All-in-one portal app for accepting available assignments and invoicing easily.
  • D & I interpreters adhere to the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct. To view this code, please click here
  • D & I captioners adhere to the NCRA Code of Professional Ethics. To view this code, please click here
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