Our Services

D & I assists organizations and employers in ensuring ADA compliance via provision of equal and accessible communication access.


​​*For emergency or last minute requests after normal business hours, please call/text our general office line (302-563-7714), and your message will be forwarded to our after hours, on-call coordinators.

A brief overview

Our Services

ASL Interpreting:

As an organizational member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), D & I strives to bridge the gap between the Deaf and hearing worlds. We offer accurate, affordable interpreting services through experienced, professional American Sign Language Interpreters and Certified Deaf Interpreters who, with utmost confidentiality and ethical decision making, put into practice our industry’s Code of Professional Conduct on every assignment. In keeping with current technology, D & I is also able to offer the same quality interpreting on all remote platforms, as well as on post-production video projects. Trilingual ASL Interpreting also available.

Foreign Language Interpreting:

Our agency serves a wide array of foreign language needs remotely and in the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide experienced onsite and remote interpreters in most major languages, all with a reputation of integrity and skill in their field.

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Services:

Our experienced captioners are the best in the industry.  We offer 24/7/365 captioning and technical assistance – we are always on so you don’t have to be. Our trained technicians are always available to assist with planning & setting up your event, as well as for immediate troubleshooting. We provide high-quality captions in-person, as well as remotely via all platforms. Post-production captioning is also available for videos used for training, professional development, conferences, and more.

Onsite CART:

Our skilled captioners come to you – in the classroom, the boardroom, exam room, or event ballroom. Captions can be accessed directly from the captioner’s device for individuals or projected to a large screen for full audience accessibility.

Remote CART:

CART is also available for remote meetings and events. The captioner accesses the audio feed via an online platform. CART can be integrated to all meeting platforms, or even projected for onsite attendees.

Offline Video Captioning and Interpreting:

Our technicians are trained to seamlessly merge ASL video and captioning onto your current video content. With quick turnarounds and a professional look, offline accessibility production is a great way to ensure all your content is fully inclusive. Captioning in multiple languages is available.

Audio Description:

We can add descriptive narration to key visual elements in a visual media product, allowing blind individuals to fully access and understand your content. Narrators describe actions and gestures, scene changes, and other important visual information. They also read titles, speaker names, and other text from the screen.

Braille Transcription: 

Company documents, healthcare forms, and more can be transcribed to Braille, the most recognizable accessible alternative to printed text.


Live captioning for any event, remote or onsite


Professional, experienced interpreters who live and work in your local community


Most major world languages available, as well as lesser known languages & dialects


Onsite or online training in effective, accessible communication between Deaf/Hard of Hearing and hearing team members


Available at any time to help with setup and ensure accessibility for your event